Do I Need Disability Access Consultants?

Are you a business owner that’s concerned about whether your commercial properties comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), or are you unsure about what this act specifically mandates? Have you considered looking into hiring an ADA consultant but have been overwhelmed or confused by the process?

Hiring an ADA Inspection Service has saved many businesses from hefty fines. Even if a business makes a small mistake, or doesn’t fully understand the requirements expected of them by the ADA, it is possible to accrue enormous penalties from not complying with the act’s standards. It’s an ADA consultant’s job to make sure you are fully aware of your responsibility to offer equal opportunities to your employees with disabilities.

As the number of those with disabilities in the workforce grows (About 54 million Americans), more people understand their accessibility rights and will expect those to be known by their employers.

It’s easy to assume that you are following all of ADA guidelines, but it’s still important to be completely knowledgeable of its details to ensure you’re complying with its regulations.

What is the ADA exactly?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a landmark law that was signed in 1990 to provide equal rights to workers with disabilities in the United States. Because of the ADA, it is completely illegal to discriminate against any employees with disabilities of any kind.

This applies to all businesses, no matter if they are public or private. It’s to ensure that everyone is being treated with respect, and all employees are receiving equal benefits from their employers. This includes pay, vacation time, and making sure all facilities and technology are available to those regardless of their disability.

Some of the things the ADA covers is installing wheelchair ramps and automatic door openers. The ADA ensures that computer functions and new technology are easy to use and accessible to those with disabilities. They even have regulations on a company’s website and mobile apps, ensuring that all users are capable of taking advantage of a site’s features.

What is an ADA Consultant?

In short, an ADA compliance consultant is hired to evaluate your business and services, and property to inform you if your business is not adhering to any of the ADA’s guidelines. They will help you remediate whatever necessary so that you easily adhere to the regulations. They may also be able to offer you training opportunities and monitor your site and digital properties and inform you if any problems arise.

Is Hiring an ADA Consultant Worth the Cost?

The average cost of hiring an ADA consultant will be a few thousand dollars or more depending on their involvement at your business. If you’re requesting a one-time service, or your business already adheres to ADA’s policies, you’ll be looking at a cheaper rate.

Regardless of how much your bill becomes to, it will always be less expensive than an ongoing lawsuit or penalty fee against your business for not being aware of ADA’s details.

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