We can all agree that parking lots are an essential part of any establishment if you are to offer clients convenience when visiting your premises. However, a parking is not complete if the markings are not present or ideally visible. Such an instance can cause confusion and traffic snarl up when moving in and out of the lot.

For this reason, it is very important to have parking lot striping done and done in the right way. In order to achieve this, there are certain considerations to make.  If you are looking for line marking services in Los Angeles, give us a call tonight.

Let’s have a look at this very necessary factors that one needs to take into account:

#1. Use Quality Paint

The main material for parking lot striping is the paint and that is why it needs to be the first point of interest. As much as we are normally tempted to cut costs and get pocket-friendly products, with paint we should be extremely cautious. The ‘cheap is expensive’ saying might actually come to play here when you get cheap paint. With cheap low-quality paint, you will get the work done beautifully but it won’t last. Such paint tends to flake off quickly and one might have to keep on restriping which will end up being costly.

#2. Consider Traffic Flow

Despite the fact that it’s just a parking lot and not the main road, the road markings should be considered keenly. Traffic must flow smoothly to and from the parking lot. Therefore, one must note which route should be the entrance and which be the exit. Another pointer of ensuring the smooth flow is to have directional arrows in place. This means that as the painting is being done, the arrows should also be done at the same time. Arrows give the drivers an easy time navigating the parking lot.

#3. Get Parking Spot And Driving Aisle Dimensions Right

This is yet another important factor to consider. Remember, once the lines are painted, it will be difficult to have then changed. Therefore, parking spots and the size of the driving aisle should be the right size when doing parking lot striping.

Talking about parking spot width, the standard parking space size happens to be about 9 feet in width by 18 feet in length. The slot can, however, have slight variations though one should be careful not to have slots that are unusable. For the driving aisle, the size may differ depending on whether the slots are straight or angled. For the straight parking slots, the width of the driving aisle should be about 22 feet and for the angled, they can be 16 feet.

#4. Have In Place Special Spots

As ADA parking requirements California, one should factor in a spot for the people who are physically challenged. Such designated spots should be available in every parking lot and the best place to have them is close to the entrance of the premises in order to ease their movement. Again, there can be a certain number of spots one should have for such individuals. Therefore, it is prudent to enquire from the authorities and avoid any trouble.

Conclusively, by taking into account the above factors, The ADA Striping makes the process of parking lot striping smooth and efficient task.