Parking lot line striping serves much bigger purposes than aesthetics. We will dig deep into those purposes here by quick ADA checklist. and discuss the official guidelines of ADA to pursue them.

Importance of Parking Lot Striping

The parking lot stripes have much higher significance than just enhancing aesthetics for a company. Some of the most significant ones are described here in brief:

Ensuring Safety

The first and foremost reason for installing some noticeable stripes in your parking lot is ensuring safety. Sometimes there is also a need of restriping your parking lot. If you have got them painted, the visiting customers can clearly see where and how they are supposed to keep their cars parked. These stripes act like visual guidelines for them to follow and keep the lot safe from becoming an accident site.

Besides, if an accident still takes place there, the company can stay safe because of the stripes. They can’t be held accountable for it since they already have done their part of responsibilities – installing the parking lot stripes. So parking lot stripes are important for the safety of both the customers and the owners. Contact asphalt driveway paving contractors to stripe your parking lot.

Access for Disabled People – ADA

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has laid out some specific rules to help out the customers with physical disabilities. You must be familiar with handicap parking requirements, like standard parking space size while striping. The stripes help them follow around the space much more safely and conveniently. They enable the individuals to access the parking lots and other such necessary areas as easily as others. Contact us for Casp inspection as we are certified access specialist.

Additionally, not implementing the stripes according to the ADA guidelines can cause legal problems for the company as well. The firm may need to pay fines and face social backlash for their ignorance of the matter. You can know more about the ADA standards by contacting your local providers of parking lot striping.

So as we can see, those colorful stripes we often see at the parking lot of shopping malls and other commercial areas are not just for aesthetic purposes. You must incorporate them in your parking areas to ensure ADA accessibility to each and every customer. They will help to keep your company away from legal troubles and enhance the business-like image in the community. All in all, you can gain a lot from just painting a few organized stripes in the parking lot. We not only provide parking lot striping services but also provide thermoplastic striping services.