Asphalt is a great paving material and typically is estimated to last between 12 and 25 years with minimal maintenance. However, just like any other structure, it will experience wear and tear and, sooner or later, it begins to degrade. Signs of such degradation is manifested by the appearance of cracks or even visible potholes. At this juncture, you need to repair your asphalt if you want to reap the value of its investment. Of course, you will hire a professional asphalt driveway paving contractors, but first, it is important to understand what caused the damage, so you can be in a better position to prevent it going forward. In this article, therefore, we unveil four main reasons why you might need asphalt repair.

Tree root damage

Over the years, roots have the main culprit behind cracking of foundations, and asphalt paving is no exception. Tree roots penetrate the soil deeply looking for essential nutrients and water. As the tree grows bigger, so do its roots. If you thought the nearby tree was far enough away from your paving, you may be shocked to see its right under your asphalt in what seems like no time at all. Sooner or later, it will start developing cracks inwards that spreads to the outer surface. The surface of the asphalt will soon develop cracks or potholes, also it results in tree roots ruining driveway. If you notice these signs, please contact our repair company immediately for pothole repair! Don’t confuse on how to fix raised sidewalk, contact ADA Striping contractors who are ready to fix raised sidewalk.

Oil spillage damage

More often than not, oil spillage will occur, especially in a busy parking lot where there is a lot of car traffic. People often search on how to remove oil stains from concrete driveway. Research from some of the most reliable sources shows that oil spills cause damage by eating through and degrading asphalt. Therefore, upon noticing any oil coating, get our asphalt paving contractors who runs asphalt paving companies to work on it and service oil spill clean up driveway before it becomes saturated. If you wait too long, it will be difficult and costly to remove the oil and repair the damage!


Did you know that oxidation could damage your asphalt? Yes, it does! Typically, asphalt has a black-charcoal color and often stretches under variable traffic loads. Oxidation, a procedure that exposes a given surface to ionized oxygen, fades away the black color of asphalt so it looks grayish in the long run. The impact of this process is breaking down the asphalt so it loses the original flexibility under different loads, resulting in a cracked pavement. If you notice any color change, please contact our repair company as soon as possible to deal with it. Also, checkout our parking lot line striping service. Checkout our road marking services.

Water and direct sunlight

You often use water to clean your car while it is parked on the pavement, but we guess you did not realize that it could damage your asphalt paving. If the drainage is poor, it causes serious issues at the sub-base and, sooner or later, it begins to separate the asphalt layers. If this happens, the ability to carry traffic loads decreases as it becomes prone to potholes and cracks.

Direct sunlight contributes to the degradation of asphalt paving as well. If the paving is made of sand, aggregate, and rock, for instance, the materials are held together by something called asphalt cement or simply a binder. Under intense sunlight exposure, UV rays destroy the binder, thereby breaking everything loose. The damage is obvious, as you will realize that there is nothing holding components together.

There are many other reasons as to why you may need to hire an asphalt repair company, but those explained above are the most common ones. With good asphalt maintenance, you can keep these common asphalt issues from being a huge problem. Checkout asphalt products for striping and restriping parking lot.

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